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Scholarly Communication: Home

Your guide to quality information on communicating as a scholar.


This guide has been made to assist emerging and established researchers with aspects of scholarly communication and publishing process.

We've also included information on professionalism, ethics, and where you can get support and advice about scholarly communication from around the University.

Use the links above to find your way through this guide.

Ethical protocols

As a researcher you may require ethical approval for your research, particularly if this involves human or animal subjects. You may also be required to consult with Maori. If ethics approval is required, ensure this has been arranged before you start your research.

Scholarly communication

Scholarly communciation is an extension of "... scholarly publishing and includes both informal and formal networks used by scholars to develop ideas, exchange information, build and mine data, certify research, publish findings, disseminate results, and preserve outputs." AARL  


Developing academic professionalism is part of the journey towards becoming a researcher. In addition to representing yourself well, you'll need to be mindful that you are also representing the University when communicating through less formal networks, including social media.

Upcoming courses

A selection of courses provided by HEDC.

Library support

Most divisions and schools have dedicated Subject Librarians who are available to support you in your research.

Browse the list of subjects that we currently support to find your librarian.

Support around campus

There are many people and services around campus whose job it is to help you succeed in your work.