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NZ Statistics: Maps & Atlases

Find statistical information and data from historic to current, using databases, online data sources and publications


Maps based on statistics are often found within atlases, topographical or subject based.


Visualise changes in our society, economy and environment through maps.

See latest releases from the 2013 Census.

Features include:

  • accessible on smart devices
  • predictive search
  • time slider function
  • choropeth function allows for viewing variables across regions
  • downloadable

Meshblock data

Census Meshblock Data - contains counts starting at the meshblock level for selected variables from the 2006, 2001 and 1996 Census of Population and Dwellings, rebased to 2006 Census boundaries. These counts are at the highest level of each variable’s classification. The dataset also contains counts for area units, wards, territorial authorities, and regional council areas.  Download the data to Excel (149MB)

StreetLink - The streets file is a list of address ranges and street names that fall within meshblocks. You can use the streets file to geocode addresses to meshblocks, in order to analyse businesses or trends in any of the annual Geographic area files. Download the streets file (2.33MB)

NZ People on Maps

2006 Census data is presented visually as a series of maps, e.g. ethnicity, family, work ...

Boundary maps

Statistics New Zealand uses a defined system of boundaries for analysis of data it collects.

Statistics collected by other agencies are often based upon different administrative areas e.g. Employment Districts. At a regional level statistics based on Statistics New Zealand boundaries cannot always be compared with other social and economic data.

Until the 1920s few administrative maps were available. Time series of data by consistent geographical areas are seldom possible for anything smaller than provincial districts.

Maps appear in some Census volumes.

Electorate Boundaries - explore the 2008 and 2011 boundaries for General and Maori electorates

Interactive Boundary Maps - zoom in or search for a location based on the 2006 Census boundaries

New Zealand. Dept. of Statistics. Set of maps of statistical boundaries. 3rd ed. Central Atlases G 2796.F7 N35 1981

Atlas of New Zealand boundaries - Brian Marshall - Central Atlases G 2796.F7 M37 1986; also at Hocken & Science. Covers organisational, administrative, territorial and statistical boundaries both official and unofficial throughout New Zealand's history. (2nd ed. 1996 does not include NZ statistical boundaries)

Atlas of New Zealand regional statistics.
New Zealand. Ministry of Works. 1968. Central Atlases G2796.F7 N4 1968