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Self Help: Where can I study?

Libraries on Dunedin campus

There are six Dunedin campus libraries and you can use ANY of them, irrespective of what papers you are taking. Each Library offers numerous different spaces for group or individual study, and holds resources for specific subject areas.







Science Library 

This Library is located in the Science III building along with with Maths & Physics, just next to the St David St Lecture Theatre. It serves the Sciences Division, Otago School of Medical Sciences and Health Science First Year papers. 


Health Sciences  Library

This Library is located opposite the Dunedin Public Hospital in Great King Street. It is the primary library for the students and staff of the Health Sciences Division on Dunedin campus, including the professional courses of the Otago Medical School, Faculty of Dentistry, Schools of Physiotherapy and Pharmacy and the science courses of the Otago School of Medical Sciences. 

Central Library

Located in the Information Services Building building on the corner of Albany & Cumberland Sts, this Library supports papers & programmes in Commerce & Humanities. 


The Robertson Library

Located on Union St East, this Library supports programmes & papers in Education and for Otago Polytechnic. 

Polytech students should use the Polytech Library website to access Library services & resources.  


Law Library

Located on the 8th floor of the Richardson building in the centre of campus, the Sir Robert Stout Law Library holds resources for Law Faculty. 


Hocken Collections

Located on Anzac Ave, the Hocken Collections is a research library, gallery & archive that serves both the University and the public. It operates differently than other Dunedin Campus Libraries, just ask the staff to explain how to use the resources and study spaces.

Other Dunedin campus study spaces

There are many other spaces & support services on the Dunedin campus. Check out the links below:

Group study rooms on Dunedin campus

There are group study rooms in five of the six Dunedin campus libraries - to use one you'll need to book it in advance. This video will tell you what you need to know about booking and using these rooms.

Some rooms in each library are equipped with TV, BluRay players & HDMI input. Look for the  icon on the booking page

Libraries on other Otago University campuses

Otago University's also has libraries on its Southland, Christchurch & Wellington Campuses.

Southland Education Library | Otago University Southland Campus

Southland Campus Library

Located in Invercargill, this library serves students and staff on Otago University's College of Education Southland Campus.

Canterbury Medical Library

Located on the 6th floor of the University of Otago, Christchurch building, this Library serves both Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences and Canterbury District Health Board. 

Wellington Medical & Health Sciences Library

This Library serves both the University of Otago,Wellington and Capital Coast District Health Board.

Wireless access on Dunedin campus

Wireless access to the student network is available in all Dunedin campus libraries, Commerce, Hunter, the Plaza & the St David St. Lecture Theatre complex.