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Library Liaison Service & Subject Librarians: Home

Find out how Subject Librarians at the University of Otago Library can help staff and students.

Library Liaison Service

Cate Bardwell, Information Services Manager

The University of Otago Library supports the research, teaching, and learning activities of the University’s four Academic Divisions through its Library Liaison Service.

Subject Librarians with expertise in information resources and research skills are assigned to each Division. They liaise and collaborate with academic staff to foster the development of student research skills and the effective practice of academic research at all levels, in accordance with the Library’s Research Skills Support Strategy.

~Cate Bardwell, Associate University Librarian – Information Services

Subject Librarians at the University of Otago

The role of the Subject Librarian is to ensure that:

  • Teaching and learning is supported and extended by leading the design, delivery, and evaluation of a range of programmes that support information literacy and research skills development.

  • Researchers gain maximum benefit from the Library’s support services.

  • Library Services are developed based on a sound understanding of the user experience

  • Resources are evaluated and selected to support users’ needs for teaching, learning and research.