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Library Liaison Service: Home

Find out about how the Liaison staff at the University of Otago Library can help you as a student or an academic with your teaching, learning and research.

Library Liaison Service

Cate Bardwell, Information Services Manager

Subject Librarians/Kaitiaki Pukapuka liaise with Departments and other campus units to support the effective use of information for research, learning, and teaching.

Subject Librarians have expertise in research practices, information resources, and teaching support.

Our primary goal is to collaborate with academic staff to foster the development of student research skills and the effective practice of academic research at all levels.

The Library has defined a set of basic research skills across five levels, designed to scaffold students to become confident, connected, and active life-long participants in their own learning. These skill levels are outlined in the University Library Research Skills Strategy document, below. The additional documents place the Library Liaison service and practice in the context of the wider University.

Subject Librarians also advise on Library services and policies and represent academic needs and interests to the Library, connecting staff to support services available. 

~Cate Bardwell, Information Services Manager

For Academic and Professional Teaching Staff

Subject Librarians collaborate with academic staff to develop students’ research skills, embedded and evaluated within the curriculum, to meet the needs of the discipline and the varied learning environments.

We offer a range of services, such as:

  • Creating online tools to support research skills development for undergraduates
  • Embedding Library research resources into the learning environment
  • Fostering awareness of high-quality information sources relevant to the discipline  
  • Advising on copyright and plagiarism
  • Ensuring the Library collection is relevant to teaching needs

For Academic and Professional Research Staff & Postgraduate Students

Subject Librarians advise academics and postgraduates in using current awareness tools, creating research profiles, and tracking citations to publications and other works.

Additional areas in which we offer support include:

  • Using research impact measurement tools and evaluation metrics
  • Advising on scholarly publishing issues, such as Open Access
  • Managing literature search results
  • Accessing data sources and managing research data
  • Investigating new journal subscriptions and recommending other new Library resources
  • Depositing theses and other publications in OUR Archive