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Hi! Welcome to the New Zealand Environmental Politics Subject Guide! 

This guide will help you find relevant articles, books, websites and more resources for your research in environmental politics. Explore the tabs along the top for tips on finding specific types of resources.

Please contact me if you'd like some help or support with your environmental politics research.

Great FREE Online Resource!

Learn about New Zealand’s Environments

Our Environment is a web mapping tool which provides easy access to information on New Zealand’s land environments and land resources.  Based on “Google Maps” -style navigation the mapping tool makes it easy to search, view and query environmental information.

Our Environment users can

  • Use interactive maps to learn about their local environment and regional variations.
  • Select particular data themes such as vegetation, land suitability or surface rock type to view as maps.
  • View detailed information from a particular data theme.
  • Obtain further details about a particular theme (metadata).
  • Create high quality, custom PDF maps for printing.

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