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Dentistry: Journals & Databases

Final Year Elective Reports

Recommended article databases

Search a range of article databases to find articles on a dentistry topic, for example:

What is Article Link?

Article Link connects article databases to the Library's e-journal collections. It tells you whether (and where) the full-text of an article is available.

You may see Article Link represented as:            

           or      Otago Article Link

Article not online? Interloan it!

If you can't access an article online, search the journal title in Library Search | Ketu to see if the issue you need is in print.

If the article is not available at Otago, use the Library's free Interloan Service and have it delivered from another library to your desktop.

Help with PubMed

Find out how to get the most out of PubMed by using the tutorials below:

Online OvidSP Medline tutorials

Please note that these tutorials are specific to Yale University staff and students and some information may differ.
OvidSP Essential Training, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Yale University