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Performing Arts: Journals & Databases

Theatre scripts

National and international sources of play listings and scripts.

Recommended Music databases

Search a range of article databases to find quality research articles on a music topic. For music and video recording streamed databases go the Music Web Resources tab.

Library Search

Use Library Search | Ketu to find research articles across many databases.

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Search for topic words or the "Title of the Article" (within quotation marks). E.g.:

Ames, Margaret. "Memory, Identity and a Desire to Dance." Performance Research 17.2 (2012): 121-127. Print.


Search the title (e.g. Performance Research) in the Library Catalogue, limited to Journals, to see if the Library holds the volume (e.g. 17) and issue (e.g. 2, if given) the article was published in. Choose Get It for paper copies or View It for online access.

If the article you need is not online...

Try these options:

Finding Performing Arts Reviews

If you're looking for reviews of a specific film, play or performance, search by Title and/or Author/Playwright/Director/Productor, then limit your results to Reviews.