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Performing Arts: Theses & Conferences

Research Repositories

A research repository stores an institution's intellectual research outputs - try searching these selected resources:

Scholarly Communication Guide

The Scholarly Communication Guide has been made to assist emerging and established researchers with a variety of aspects related to the scholarly communication and publishing process. We've  included information on:

  • Formal and informal research networks
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Rights
  • Data and Document Management
  • Call for papers
  • Peer Review
  • Publishing
  • Open Access
  • Research Repositories
  • Contacts for support advice


Recommended databases and tips to find dissertations and theses:

Getting started with publishing

Publishing bursaries, and Calls for papers [CFPs] for conferences and from journals, can be good ways to get into publishing. In some departments there is an expectation that you will publish some aspects of you thesis while you are writing it up.

Check out the Library's guide to Scholarly Communication for more information about publishing and connecting with research networks.


Information about conferences, their papers and proceedings are an excellent source of current research, best practices and new innovations in a research area. Try the original source, catalogues, article databases, research repositories and the internet. 

Conference Website - A very good place to start, or try the organising body's website.

Author's Website - Researchers often post conference paper links on their own personal website; or email them for a copy of the paper.

      Find Open Access Journals and Repositories

      A list of  freely available online resources that give you the ability to find and, in most instances, access full text scholarly publications. 

      Image: PLoS