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Higher Education: Referencing & Writing

APA Manuals in the Library:


Avoid Plagiarism By Citing Information Sources

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Do you know what plagiarism is and how to avoid it?

  • Here is  a short video that explains how to avoid plagiarism by making sure you cite any ideas, thoughts, concepts or theories, that are not your own, in your assignments.


If you follow a citation style correctly, you will avoid plagiarism and help the reader find your information sources.  Ask your lecturer if you are not sure which style you should use:

Reference management tools

Bibliographic management software can help you to store, organise, and format references.  It also allows you to easily insert citations into Word documents and bibliographies as you write.


  • EndNote is desktop-based software that is supported and subsidized by the University
  • Using the Student  Desktop  from any device at any location will give you free access to Endnote
  • Order Endnote X7 from ITS  for a one-time fee of $25
  • Support for using Endnote is available from ITS and the Library
  • Video tutorials made by Endnote
  • EndNote Web is also available - this may be more suitable if you are frequently working from more than one computer.