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Library Search | Ketu Help: Search Results




1.                                         The Active filters section shows which restrictions you have made to the search query. In this example, ReviewsReference entries, and any texts published outside of the Years: 2000-2024, have been excluded from the search query. The Reviews exclusion has also been locked (padlock symbol ), so this restriction will remain even if you select Reset filters. To lock an Active filter, select the unlocked padlock icon (unlocked padlock). To unlock an Active filter, select the locked padlock icon (locked padlock).
2.       Tweak my results is where you can adjust your search results by applying filters. To tweak your results, select the boxes to the left of each desirable option, then select APPLY FILTERS. To exclude an option from your search results, hover the cursor next to an option and select the exclude icon (exclude item icon).
3. When the library holds more than one edition or version of the same text, it will appear as a multiple versions record in the results list. Select the title or See all versions to view all the editions held.
4. Physical resources state their availability, location, and call number on the results list. To view more details about a physical item, or to make a request, select the title or the call number. See the Details View tab for more instructions on requesting items.
5. For electronic items, select the title of the resource to be taken directly to the text. Select View details for information about the item.
6. Signing in to your library account will provide more results that are otherwise hidden from public view. To remove the Sign in banner, select DISMISS.
7.  Select the Search History icon (search history icon). to view your search history from the current session. Select the pin icon (pin icon) to view your Favourites.
8. The Sort by menu allows you to sort your search results by relevanceDate-newestDate-oldestTitle, and Author.
9.  Select the Email icon (email icon) to send details of an item to an email address. Select the pin icon (pin icon) to Save an item to your Favourites. Select the ellipses (ellipses icon) to view various export options, such as, PermalinkPrint, and Endnote exports.