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Zoology: Referencing & Writing

What's a CITATION Style

A citation or referencing style is a standardised way of referencing research you use in your academic work.

Check with your lecturer or supervisor if you are unsure which style to use:

WHY Reference?

Referencing the ideas and research you use in your essays is a vital part of all academic work because it:

  • acknowledges how others' work has influenced your thinking;
  • provides evidence for your arguments; and
  • assists other researchers to locate the sources you use.

Avoiding Plagiarism

The University of Otago takes plagiarism seriously.  These resources will help you understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

Help with WRITING

Pencils | Amir Taj

Need to improve your writing skills?

Our very own Student Learning Development have excellent resources online and in person to help you improve your writing. You can sign up for excellent workshops. You can even book an individual consultation with a Learning Advisor.

There are some excellent online resources to help you with scientific writing. Here are a few to get you started:

Managing Your References

Reference Management software helps you store, organise, and correctly cite all your research information with incredible ease. 

Check out this Managing Your References guide which gives more detail on different reference management tools and citation styles.

Help with CITING

Citation Manuals

Guides to Scientific Writing