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Geology: Journals & Databases

Key Article Databases for GEOLOGY

The quickest way to find articles on a specific topic is by searching a relevant article database. Otago University Library recommends the databases listed below as a good starting point for Geology students and researchers.

Finding journal articles using Library Search | Ketu

You can use Library Search | Ketu to access the full text of an article: 

1.   You can find an article from a citation by searching for the "Title of the article" (within quotation marks)

2.   You can also find the Journal that the article was published in by searching the Title of the Journal (usually underlined or in Italics) in Library Search | Ketu Advanced Search 

  • Select in the title and material type Journals
  • The journal may be held in print, electronically, or both
  • Browse to find the correct year/volume and page numbers

For further help, check out the resources below...

Accessing the full text of a journal article

Many databases give access to the full text articles, but others provide only citations. With citation-only databases, look for the Article Link button (above) or text. Article Link connects the Library article databases to the Library eJournal collections, so that you can click through to access the full-text of an article, if the LIbrary holds it.

Full text not available?

If the Library doesn't have digital or print access to a journal article, use the Library's Interloan service to request it, and we'll get it for you for free!


Searching for Information

Hone your information research skills with this basic refresher on how to search for information effectively.