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Grey literature: General Sources


Other GL sources

Open Grey

“System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe, is your open access to 700.000 bibliographical references of grey literature (paper) produced in Europe and allows you to export records and locate the documents.

“Examples of grey (gray) literature include technical or research reports, doctoral dissertations, some conference papers, some official publications, and other types of grey literature.

OpenGrey covers Science, Technology, Biomedical Science, Economics, Social Science and Humanities.”

Grey Literature Network Service (GreyNet)

“The goal of GreyNet is to facilitate dialog, research, and communication between persons and organisations in the field of grey literature.

GreyNet further seeks to identify and distribute information on and about grey literature in networked environments.

“Its main activities include the International Conference Series on Grey Literature, the creation and maintenance of web-based resources, a moderated Listserv, a combined Distribution List, The Grey Journal (TGJ), as well as curriculum development in the field of grey literature.”

NZ Ministry of Health Grey Matter newsletter

"Grey Matter is compiled by the MInistry of Health Library and provides access to a selection of the most recent NGO, Think Tank and International Government reports that are relevant in the health context. Information will be arranged by topic, allowing readers to quickly hone in on their key areas of interest. Topics will vary each issue, depending upon key publications that have been made during the last month."

Further resources

Databases for grey literature

The following databases include various types of grey literature along with publisher-controlled literature. If you are interested in searching only for grey literature, consider restricting the "publication type" in your search. These types can include: technical report, dissertation, patent, meeting paper, annual report or government publication, among others.

New Zealand sites

General Sources for Grey Literature

Here are listed some general sources of grey literature. Some focus on the health sciences, while others are more general in scope.