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Self Help: Writing & Referencing

Plagiarism and how to avoid it

Develop your study & writing skills at the Student Learning Centre

Student Learning Development can help you gear up and take control of your learning in many different ways.

If it all seems too hard, too much or you just don’t know where to start, the SLC’s Student Learning Advisors are ready to help. And if you’re an enrolled student, it’s free!

SLD workshop calendar

Referencing and citation styles

There are many ways and means to manage your references.

The University of Otago supports Endnote. Watch their short bite-sized videos, or attend a tutorial.

To learn more, look at the Managing Your References guide.

A Guide to Academic Integrity

How to write ... essay


An interactive tutorial to help you learn how to access and use information effectively to write an essay.

This includes: how to approach your topic, collate the information you discover and assimilate it into your own unique argument.

... a business report



An interactive tutorial to help you learn how to gather and evaluate information effectively to write a business report.

... a scientific report



An interactive tutorial to guide you through the process of writing a scientific report, including the structure of the report, how to deal with illustrations and citations, and how to present it.

... using information ethically


An interactive tutorial to help you to understand the ethical use of information, and to avoid plaigiarism.

After all that effort, how do I get published?

This guide to Research Publishing and Impact will give you some tips and ideas to get yourself seen and heard in the academic world.