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Generative AI: For Teachers

The University of Otago guidelines for use of AI can be found here.

Assessment in the Age of A.I.

There has been a lot of discussion on the future of assessment in the age of AI, and it is up to you, and your department, to decide on the approach you would like to take. 

This Generative AI Primer by Michael Webb, suggests three strategies, each with their own challenges. This is something you could keep in mind when thinking about assessment in the age of AI. 

Below are several excellent resources on this topic:

ChatGPT and cheating: 5 ways to change how students are graded

Monash's Generative AI and assessment guide

 and , University of Sydney, What to do about assessments if we can’t out-design or out-run AI?

The Assessment and Evaluation Group at Queens University, Canada has created a free Transforming Assessment e-Course for higher education. 

This self-paced, professional learning e-course provides higher education instructors with the opportunity to transform their assessment practices – building on existing assessment knowledge and skills, reflecting on foundational assessment principles, exploring contemporary assessment strategies, and creating new assessments – to support students’ learning across disciplines and contexts.

Academic Integrity Resources

If you feel a student has used AI to breach academic integrity, see the resources below for more information and next steps. 

Further Reading