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Anatomy: Biological Anthropology

Recommended Biological Anthropology Books

These books are a great starting point for your study!

The books you need are located in the Central Library and Science Library (that have Library of Congress classifications) and the Health Sciences Library (that has National Library of Medicine classifications). The Library of Congress (LC) classification for Anthropology (including physical anthropology, medical anthropology, cultural anthropology etc) is GN so most of the call numbers books you need will start with GN. The National Library of Medicine (NLM) classification for Anthropology is less clear, as anthropological topics touch on all sorts of different medical areas, so the call numbers books you need will start with QZ, WS, WE and GN etc.

Some of the books are also available as e-Books - see their descriptions.

Biological Anthropology websites

These websites are a great resource if you are studying biological anthropology.

Some useful databases for Biological Anthropology


Citing & Referencing

There are two citation styles used in Biological anthropology; the American Journal of Biological Anthropology (formerly known as the American Journal of Physical Anthropology) citation style and the American Psychological Association (APA) citation style.

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Annotated Bibliography information

If you are enrolled in BIOA301 one of your assignments involves writing an annotated bibliography.