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Occupational Health & Safety: Journals & Databases

Keyword-only Citation databases

These databases can only be searched using keywords (author words).

If you find a great article on your topic, you can use these citation databases to track down articles that cite that particular article. (Hover over the title to see information about the resource.)

Help with Google Scholar

Remember to always access Google Scholar through the Library webpage - that way you are recognised as a student from the University of Otago and you are given access to all our subscriptions.

Follow the [PDF] link or Otago Article Link on the right-hand side to get the full text of the article.

Help with PubMed

Find out how to get the most out of PubMed by using the tutorials below:

Other databases for Hazard Assessment and Management

Search a range of article databases to find articles on a topic, for example

Get information using your mobile device

Have you got a smart phone or tablet?

Did you know that many of our key databases are also available via mobile? When you look up the database in the Health Sciences database list or the Database list and it has this icon: : then it's available for iPhone /iPod or iPad or Android.