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Occupational Health & Safety: Multimedia

To find multimedia content using Library Search | Ketu

You can use Library Search to search for multimedia including images, photographs, video, audio and musical recordings. Just enter your topic into the search box on the main Library page Use Tweak My Results to restrict your search results to multimedia content Types e.g. Images or Audio visual

The boxes below provide more information about specific content providers, in video or still image formats.

University Library multimedia resources

The University subscribes to several multimedia collections. View this current list. Some that have health sciences content include:

Google image search

Google Web Search

Google is a wonderfully rich source of images. However, most of the images found on Google are copyright-restricted. To find images that can be used without breaching copyright, search Google (above) for your chosen topic, then click the Images link, then Tools, Usage Rights and select an appropriate filter:

Google image search licenses

Please remember to attribute (reference) your image source.

Medical Images

Clinical Key and Ovid (see below) are sources of biomedical images. However some of the following sources provide access to copyright free or CC licensed images.

ClinicalKey image search

ClinicalKey (from Elsevier) contains over 1200 medical textbooks and 600 journals in electronic format, including all the images contained in these sources. These images can be downloaded to PowerPoint for use in teaching presentations.

To make presentations, you will need to create a personal account with Elsevier: click on the Register button on the ClinicalKey landing page and complete the form (You will need to fill in this form on-campus, from a University network-enabled computer, only once). You can then log in from any computer (including off-campus).

There is a guide which explains how to make use of this powerful feature, available below.

Ovid multimedia search

Ovid has introduced multimedia functionality to the OvidSP database platform. Videos and images from a range of books and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins journals are available for searching together with Ovid databases.

  • Include Multimedia Checkbox - allows you to choose whether or not to include Multimedia as part of your search (but not at the same time as Map Term to Subject Heading)

  • Removal of Thumbnails from Initial Search- you will no longer see thumbnails within your initial search results, but will have easy access to all results by clicking on the Multimedia results banner
  • Improved View By Results Toggle - shows you how many Text and Multimedia search results get returned