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Digital Humanities: Nau Mai Haere Mai

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This guide supports Digital Humanities scholarship & practice @Otago University, by connecting people to the methods & tools, projects & other people transforming humanities scholarship in the digital realm

What you'll find here

What is/are Digital Humanities?

Shape of Song - Madonna - Material Girl
Shape of Song - Material Girl by Madonna Source: - Fernanda Viegas Martin Wattenberg. CC-BY [2003]
At their simplest, Digital Humanities is/are 'the humanities done digitally', emerging wherever computing power and the digital realm intersect with humanities scholarship. Some describe it as a field, others as a collection of techniques or practices for study, research and teaching. Still others would claim it is diverse and still being defined. 
They often involve applying digital methods and practices to researching and teaching in social and cultural realms, as well as critically exploring the evolution of humanities disciplines in the digital age. Whatever they might be, they seem highly collaborative, non-respectful of disciplinary boundaries, and generative both of scholarship and of debate.
Further definitions can be found at CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide and What is Digital Humanities.

A selection of Otago-connected Digital Humanities projects

Marsden Online Archive | Hocken Collections, University of Otago Libraries & Centre for Colonial Culture

Marsden Online Archive | Hocken Collections, University of Otago Library & Centre for Colonial Culture

[Digital text archive - CMS missionary Rev. Samuel Marsden's letters and journals]

Showband Mix-o-Matic app | Louise Kewene-Doig

Showband Mix-o-Matic | Louise Kewene-Doig - Music, Theatre and Performing Arts | Te Kāhui Tau

[iOS app - Teaching and learning Māori showband history and digital music creation]

AKI Hauora | Māori  & Indigenous Health Institute (MIHI), UO Christchurch & Te Tumu

AKI Hauora | Māori & Indigenous Health Institute (MIHI), UO Christchurch & Te Tumu | School of Māori and Indigenous Studies

[iOS & Android app - Te Reo Māori vocabulary and phrase learning game to support interactions within health environments and clinical settings.]

Dunedin Flat Names Project | Sarah Gallagher

Dunedin Flat Names Project | Sarah Gallagher - Dunedin School of Medicine

[Blog - Documenting the naming of student flats in Dunedin]

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We want your feedback!

This guide continues to evolve, and we really welcome your feedback so we can continue to improve it. Please let us know if you find:

  • Incorrect or irrelevant details, tools that don't work, dead links or otherwise unhelpful information
  • Helpful details, tools, links or information that you think need to be on the guide, but aren't currently.

We'd also love to hear from you if you want to have your project featured on the guide, or would like to be profiled on the Connect&Collaborate@Otago page. Email Alexander Ritchie, or Antje Lubcke with any comments or suggestions on how we can improve it.

Viva Digital Humanities!