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Thesis Information: Submitting

Submitting your thesis for examination

Printing and Soft-Binding

Your thesis needs to be prepared in a soft-bound print format, before submitting it for examination. This is so that you can make any required corrections before final e-thesis deposit.

There are several options for printing and soft-binding your thesis:

  • Uniprint - on campus will print and bind your thesis
  • Library Bindery  - will bind your thesis, but you will need to provide printed copies in the correct order
  • A commercial printer

For PhD & professional Doctoral theses, you must provide 4 copies for marking; for other theses, you must provide 3. You must also complete one hand-signed, looseleaf copy of the Thesis Submission Declaration Form to accompany your soft-bound theses (not bound in).


Submit the Thesis Declaration Form and thesis copies for examination:

  • Soft-bound Doctoral theses – are accepted at the St David II building by appointment only: to book, students should email After checking the candidate’s enrolment details, a member of Student Administration will either confirm the appointment or advise what needs to be completed before submission of soft-bounds can be accepted.
  • Soft-bound Masters theses are submitted to your Department (Dunedin);
  • In Christchurch submit to the Manager, Academic Programmes, Dean's Department; in Wellington to the Postgraduate Liaison Officer, Postgraduate Office.

Printing and permanent binding of your final thesis

Printing services

Uniprint - following corrections to your marked thesis get your final version printed. If you have printed your final thesis elsewhere, you can go straight to Library Bindery.

Printing refunds

You can claim a cost waiver or refund for printing and binding the two thesis copies for degree conferral and final submission, provided that you submit your thesis within a specified time – see Examination and Assessment Regulations 2014, s.14.2(c). - contact the PhD Office or your department (Masters students).


The Library recommends that you use good quality A4 paper (80-120 gms) with grain running from head to tail, not across the page, for:

  • Theses longer than 200 pages, print your thesis double-sided on 100gms paper.
  • Special or coated papers - discuss your requirements with Uniprint and the Library Bindery first.

Hard-bound submission FAQs (for PhD, DMA, EdD and DClinDent theses)

Library Bindery - offers binding services to Otago students completing theses/dissertations, at competitive prices, with a maximum 10 day turnaround.

Two permanently bound printed copies of your final thesis are required for deposit, once your thesis has been marked and passed and you have made any required corrections - Examination and Assessment Regulations 2014, s.14.2(b)

An Otago thesis must be bound in woven cloth (over sewn, rounded and backed) by a bindery. Ensure your pages are in the correct order.

Author Declaration Form - insert this before the title page in your bound thesis.

Binding details - decide on spine title, lettering, and colour, then use the:

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Depositing your bound thesis copies

Final arrangements - Doctoral students must consult these for their bound print and electronic thesis copies.

Masters thesis students must consult these Thesis submission arrangements, as they differ for Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington  students.

Ring the University's bell when you hand in your PhD thesis.


Source: ODT 24 July 2019: Human Nutrition PhD candidate Claudia Leong

Depositing your electronic thesis copy

OUR Archive -  deposit an electronic copy of the final version of your research thesis. Officially recognised research theses will be accepted for deposit. 

This must be an exact replica of the corrected bound thesis that was accepted for your degree. A .pdf version is preferred to a .docx version. You should also include:

  • A report of protected material created by others, contained within your thesis. 
  • Detailed evidence indicating the permissions given to use protected material created by others, in your thesis.
  • Additional material you wish to make available electronically with your thesis.

Be aware of potential publication contract restrictions with making your thesis fulltext openly accessible in OUR Archive. Deposit in a non-commercial repository such as OUR Archive is usually permitted.  Level of access can be altered retrospectively to abstract only. Consider this advice on publishing offers.

Watch this video to find out if your degree requires you to deposit an electronic version, and what the depositing steps are.


Thesis Workflow Diagram - your electronic thesis passes through several stages before it can be viewed through OUR Archive.


Deposit your thesis  

For a dissertation or exegesis, gain department approval to deposit it, then:

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Surviving your viva

Oral examination - taken by PhD thesis students after submitting their thesis. For those enrolled from January 2014 this PhD thesis defence is mandatory.  The Convener of Examiners sets up this oral examination for you, also known as a viva. The examination takes place after receiving the examiners' thesis reports.  Check for procedures with your supervisor.

Resources that can support you: