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Searching Ovid: Medline

Getting Full Text in Medline

Finding the full text of articles from within databases is not a reliable process. If these steps do not work, check out our Finding Full Text guide, or contact us for assistance.

If a reference has the Article Link icon next to it, you will usually be able to get the full text of the document. You will find the Article Link icon on the right hand side of the reference details on the list of results, click on it to access the link to the reference via the library.

Medline - Reference article link

Article Link determines whether you have access to the document via the library’s subscriptions. A new window will open and take you directly to the document’s webpage. To download the document, look for a PDF icon.

You can click on the ‘X’ or the arrow to close the left side menu, or wait a few seconds for it to close itself:

Medline - Reference article close

Alternatively, other references have a Full Text link (in the same position) which takes you directly to the document on the publisher’s website:

Medline - Full text link

Clicking on this link won’t lose any selections you may have made.