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Mendeley - Beyond the Basics

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An advanced guide to using Mendeley Desktop

This guide expands on our introductory guide to Mendeley, and provides instructions for using Mendeley to an intermediate level.
If you are not familiar with Mendeley, please have a look at our Mendeley beginner's guide before reading this guide.

This guide will cover:

  • How to import references from database searches and other online sources
  • Extra options for organising your Mendeley library to save you more time
  • Tips and tricks to work more effectively with word processors
  • Making the most of Mendeley’s collaboration tools
  • Using Mendeley on the web and on the go
Occasionally you will need to cite something that doesn’t neatly fit into any of the reference types offered by Mendeley. This could include NZ legal material, emails, podcasts, YouTube videos, maps, dictionary entries, and so on. Citing these with Mendeley can be tricky, so please contact us and we can show you some solutions.