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Mendeley Reference Manager

Mendeley Cite

One of the key features of the Mendeley suite of products is the ability to add citations and bibliographies to your Word documents.

Along with Mendeley Reference Manager, the team at Mendeley have released a new add-in called Mendeley Cite. This replaces the old Mendeley Cite-O-Matic.

Mendeley Cite works with Microsoft Office 365, Word versions 2016 and up, and Word for iPad. Feedback seems to suggest that Mendeley Cite works best in the Office 365 version of Word.

If you find it difficult to get Mendeley Cite to work in the version of Word you have on your computer, you can use it in the Office 365 version of Word online, where it does work well.

If you encounter any issues using Mendeley Cite, please get in touch with us.

To install Mendeley Cite,

  1. Go to Tools in the Mendeley Reference Manager toolbar, and select Install Mendeley Cite for Microsoft Word.
Mendeley - MS Word select Mendeley Cite install
  1. This will take you to the Microsoft Office App Store. Click on Get it now.
Mendeley Cite on Microsoft App Store
  1. Follow the prompts to provide your profile details, tick the box to accept the terms and conditions, and click Continue.
  2. Mendeley Cite should now be available in your Microsoft Word add-ins.
    Open Microsoft Word.
  3. Click Insert in the toolbar, and click on My Add-ins.
    Mendeley - Insert using Add Ins
  4. This will open the Office Add-ins centre. Mendeley Cite should be listed. You may need to click Refresh for it to appear.
  1. Click on the Mendeley Cite add-in, and click Add.
MS Word - Add Add-Ins
  1. This will add Mendeley Cite to the References toolbar in Word.
    Mendeley Cite added to MS Word References toolbar

When you are ready to start adding citations to your Word document, go to the References toolbar and click on the Mendeley Cite button.

This opens the Mendeley Cite panel on the right of your Word document. You may need to sign in with your Mendeley (Elsevier) username and password.

Mendeley Cite opened
Finding your references
  • All of the references in your Mendeley Library will be listed in the references view. You can scroll through the list of references, or search for specific references you want to cite using the search box.
  • You can change the drop-down menu to view references from specific folders in your library.
Search Mendeley Cite
Inserting citations

To insert a citation,

  1. Ensure your cursor is placed in your document exactly where you want the citation to appear.
  2. Select the reference you want to cite by ticking the box in the Mendeley Cite panel, and then click Insert 1 citation.
  3. The citation will then appear in your document.
    Mendeley cite - Insert citation
  4. Click beside the newly-entered citation (but outside of the box surrounding the citation) to continue typing.
    Mendeley cite - Continue typing
  5. You can select more than one reference if you need to cite multiple papers in one place.
Mendeley cite - Citation inserted
  1. If you are using an author-date style (such as APA), and you need to add page numbers, convert the citation to narrative format (suppress author) , or add some sort of prefix / suffix to your citation, you can click on the in-text citation in your document, then click on the citation in Mendeley Cite:
    Mendeley Cite - Edit citations
  1. This takes you to the Edit Reference view. Use whichever of the available options you need, and click Save changes.
Mendeley cite - edit reference
Citation style

To change citation style in your document,

  1. click on the Citation Style tab in Mendeley Cite. This will show you your current citation style, and a list of citations styles you can switch to.
  2. If the citation style you need is not listed, you can add it by clicking Select another style...
  3. Click on the citation style you want to use, and select Update citation style.
Mendeley cite - Modify referencing style
Editing references

If you notice that any references need to be edited or corrected, go back to the original record in Mendeley Reference Manager, and make any necessary changes (see section on Editing References). Handy hint icon

Once you have corrected the Mendeley record, go back to your Word document, click on More and Update From Library in the Mendeley Cite panel. Handy hint icon

This will bring through the changes you made to the reference.

If any of your references are not displaying the way you need or expect, please get in touch with us.

Mendeley cite - Update from library
Insert bibliography / reference list

Whenever you are ready to add your bibliography / reference list, place your cursor at the precise location you would like the bibliography to appear, click on More in the top right of the Mendeley Cite panel, and select Insert Bibliography. Handy hint icon

Mendeley cite - Insert bibliography