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  • JoVe - Neuroscience - JoVE Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary section devoted to investigations of the structure, function, physiology, and pathophysiology of the brain and nervous system. Included methodologies range from molecular and cellular level studies to full central and peripheral neural systems. Potential treatment platforms and surgical techniques for neurological diseases and disorders are also presented in this section.


  • BigBrain” is a free, publicly available tool that provides considerable neuroanatomical insight into the human brain, thereby allowing the extraction of microscopic data for modeling and simulation. BigBrain enables testing of hypotheses on optimal path lengths between interconnected cortical regions or on spatial organization of genetic patterning, redefining the traditional neuroanatomy maps such as those of Brodmann and von Economo.


ClinicalKey includes: all Elsevier medical and surgical journals (over 500), selected third-party journals and content sources, all Elsevier medical and surgical reference books (over 1100), all medical and surgical clinics of North America, all Procedures Consult content and associated videos, all Clinical Pharmacology drug monographs from Gold Standard, all Elsevier medical and surgical videos (over 13,000+), millions of medical and surgical images, and Elsevier and third-party published patient education handouts.

Plan your search

Before you start searching the databases,  it helps to take time to plan your search.

Step 1:  Clearly define the topic or research question

Step 2:  Divide the topic or question into separate key concepts

Step 3:  Select alternative search terms and synonyms for each concept

Step 4:  Consider using text word symbols such as truncation and "phrase searching"

Step 5:  Select search terms to combine using Boolean logic - AND, OR, NOT

Step 6:  Select relevant databases via the Library homepage or your Subject Guide

Step 7:  When searching a database look for subject heading options

Step 8:  Run text word searches to complement subject heading searches

Step 9:  Review the results and modify your search strategy as required

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The Neuroscience Subject Guide...

This guide will help you find a range of relevant resources for your study and research in Neuroscience.

Explore the tabs along the top of the guide for different types of resources.

For further assistance, you can make an appointment to see the Subject Specialist Librarian - Christy Ballard (Health Sciences) and Justin Farquar (Science).