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Anatomy: Postgrad Research

Writing Your Thesis

Finding Theses & Dissertations

Finding Conference Papers

Conferences papers are an excellent source of current research, best practices and new innovations in a research area. For a start, search the Web using the name of the conference, meeting, or symposium.

Full-text conference papers may be hard to obtain; sometimes abstracts are the only items available online. If a full paper is not available online, you could contact the author and request a copy. Also, the Library may be able to borrow or purchase published proceedings--talk to the Anatomy Subject Librarian.

Finding Grey Literature

The term 'grey literature' is used to describe materials not published commercially or indexed by major databases. The Grey Literature In Health Library Guide discusses, and helps you find, relevant grey literature for research in health and medicine. Look through the tabs to find the information you need; General Sources, Conference Proceedings, Institutional Repositories, Clinical Trials, Guidelines and Statistics.

Health Sciences Library Historical Collection

The Health Sciences Library has a Historical Collection located on the top floor of the Library. This collection includes a range of medical texts from the 17th to 19th centuries and the earliest copies of the NZ Medical Journal from the 19th century. Highlights include the 17th century anatomical pop-up book Pinax microcosmographicus, magnificent anatomical and surgical atlases from the 18th and 19th centuries and most editions of Gray's Anatomy, including the 1858 first edition.

More historic material from the Health Sciences Library is located at the Hocken Library and in Special Collections at the Central Library.

Finding Open Access Resources

open accessOpen Access is a new model of scholarly communication based on the principle that research should be available freely online, for anyone to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, link to etc. There are Open Access Journals, Books, Databases and Archives.

Finding Patents

Find out how many articles have cited your patent.

Check out the Patent Library Guide for information on searching for patents in databases and in patent office databases and for what support with patents is provided at the University of Otago.

Finding Research Repositories

A research repository is a place to store an institution's intellectual research outputs. Try searching these sites to find more research: