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Mathematics & Statistics: Writing & Citing

Use this guide to search for information on all aspects of maths and stats. Find anything from dictionary definitions and encyclopedia entries to research articles from specialist databases. If you need help, to contact your liaison librarian.

LaTeX Document Preparation Resources

LaTeX is a typesetting program used to format scientific documents. It has become the de-facto standard for writing academic papers which require mathematical symbols.LaTeX can be downloaded free of charge and is available for Mac, and PC (for Windows & Linux).

LaTeX is recommended (sometimes required) by University of Otago Mathematics and Statistics staff when writing papers, particularly for papers stage 3 and above.

There are several websites that will be useful for those learning LaTex, including:

For other resources recommended for LaTex users go to the Cambridge University Engineering and IT Services page.

The University Library has several books on LaTeX, including (but not limited to):

LaTex Thesis Style Files

Thesis Style Files (Tex): The following files can be used as a style basis for University of Otago Mathematics theses.

Citation Styles

Managing Your References

Wondering how to keep track of all your research information?

Reference Management software helps you store, organise, and correctly cite all your research information with incredible ease. There are many options available, but here are three popular examples:

JabRef is a reference management software that uses BibTeX as its native format. JabRef provides an easy-to-use interface for editing BibTeX files, for importing data from online scientific databases, and for managing and searching BibTeX files. JabRef is released under the terms of the GPL license. The application is programmed in Java, and is maintained for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Go to the JabRef website to download the latest version.

Find help and advice for writing your thesis or dissertation

Writing Research Papers for Mathematics

You can make your mathematics papers more engaging and concise by learning a few easy tips. The links below will help you find out how to maximise the attention of your reader, and how to lay out a paper in a logical and clear style.

The Style Files, by Tony Roberts (University of Southern Queensland). This guide is an excellent general introduction to the main points of mathematical writing.

A Primer of Mathematical Writing by Steven G. Krantz. A book published by the American Mathematical Society which gives, amongst other things, advce on grammar, how to organise a paper, and how to state a theorem.

Mathematical Writing by Donald E Knuth, Tracy Larrabee and Paul M Roberts. This publication discusses many aspects of writing mathematical papers, including grammar, spelling and formatting mathematical equations.

The handbook of writing for the mathematical sciences by Nicholas J Higham - this book is aimed at mathematical writing for sicentists, but a large part of the content is also relevant to mathematics students/researchers.


Learn how to write high quality scientific reports