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Religion: Journals & Databases

Image adapted from Julia Schwab from Pixabay

Useful Databases: use the tabs below to navigate

These databases are highly recommended for finding Religion-related articles. 

These multidisciplary databases index citations between publications, allowing the user to easily establish connections between articles and ideas.

Resources from Aotearoa

Also see:

High Impact Journals

History & Classics Databases

More databases can be found in the History Guide.

More databases can be found in the Classics Guide.

News and Current Events

University of Otago Databases

How do I search databases better?

Want to brush up on your database searching skills?  Start with the Self Help guide:

Primary Source Databases

Focusing on the Medieval and Renaissance periods? You might also find the following useful:

More Primary Source databases can be found in the History Guide


Seeking Religious Art & Artifacts?