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Preventive & Social Medicine: Public Health

Some key databases for Public Health

Public health information covers a range of disciplines, below are some of the key databases available to help you in your research.

New Zealand Organisations

International Organisations

Book selection

Public Health Tweets

Literature Reviews

Traditional / Narrative review - a critical summary and synthesis of previously published literature about a particular topic involves systematically exploring related literature. Narrative reviews can be organised by chronology, theme, or methodology, and may highlight issues of debate and gaps in current research.

Systematic Review - "[a] high-level overview of primary research on a particular research question. It seeks to collate all evidence that fits pre-specified eligibility criteria with the aim of minimising bias by using explicit systematic methods" - Cochrane Database. Commonly used within Health Sciences to compare and assess effectiveness of clinical interventions.

Scoping Review - "preliminary assessment of potential size and scope of available research literature.  Aims to identify nature and extent of research evidence (usually including ongoing research) (Grant & Booth, 2009)."