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Referencing / Citation Styles: Chicago A


Chicago A (notes and a bibliography) is one of two styles outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style.

It uses consecutively numbered notes, indicated by superscript numbers placed within the text, and placed at either the foot of the page (footnotes) or at the end of an essay (endnotes). A bibliography is also usually required. This is placed at the end of the paper, and gives full publication details at the end of the paper for all the works cited in the notes.

Chicago A is used in the following subjects at Otago:

The Chicago Manual of Style also offers an in-text Author-Date citation and a reference list referencing system (Chicago B). Please refer to the Chicago B tab if you are using that version of the style, or if you are unsure which style to use, check with your lecturer, tutor or demonstrator. 

Recommended Links to Chicago A Style Examples

These links to guides and examples that will help you to cite material correctly. 

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Citation Generators & Reference Managers

Citation Generators automatically format reference details you provide into a specific citation style. These are great time-savers, but they are only as good as the data you put in (they won't fix spelign erroars like this one for example)! 

Reference managers are apps that help you gather and store, organise and annotate, and then cite and share the books, chapters, articles and other stuff you use in your study and research. Check out the options available here: