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Finding Full Text

Find Journals using Journal Search

If you want to browse specific journals, you can find them using the Journal Search on the Library Search | Ketu.

  1. From the library home page click on the Advanced search link under the Ketu search bar.
    Finding Full Text - Ketu advanced search
  2. Once you're in the Library Search | Ketu, click on the Journal Search button in the menu bar at the top of the page. 

  4. Once in the Journal Search, you can browse titles alphabetically, but because of the large number of titles it is quicker to type in the title, or a keyword if you’re not sure of the exact title.
    Immunotherapy journal search image

  6. Once you have found the journal you are looking for, click on View details.
    Finding Full Text - View journal details

  8. In the View online section of the next screen, click on one of the blue hyperlinks to access the article. If there is more than one option, check the information underneath the hyperlink. This will tell you whether that option covers the year(s) you are interested in.
    Finding Full Text - View journal online

  10. This should take you directly to the journal page on the publisher’s website. The table of contents for the most recent issue will usually be displayed on the screen. To browse previous issues, you will need to look for a link called 'back issues', 'all issues', 'archive' or similar. This can be located at various places on the screen but is often in the menu on the left hand side.
    Finding Full Text - View journal details
  11. It is rarely possible to download a whole issue of a journal as a single PDF, but you can browse the contents pages and select any articles of interest to download. Different journals have different interfaces, if you have any problems and you need help you can contact us.