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Management: Journals & Databases

To find articles...

Search a range of article databases to find quality research articles on a management topic, for example:

Keeping up to date

Are you re- searching for the same information over a long period of time?

Most research databases (e.g. ProQuest Central, Science Direct and Scopus) allow you to create alerts that will push information to you based on a search you've set up previously. This could be a search for relevant terms/keywords, an author name or a journal specialising in your research area.

Get help setting up email alerts on your favourite searches, in your favourite databases.


Article Link

If an article is not available in full-text in a database, click Article Link to automatically search other databases the Library subscribes to. 

You may see Article Link represented as:            

           or      Otago Article Link

If the article you need is not online...

Try these options: