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Management: Referencing & Writing

Managing your References

Keep track of your readings and automate footnotes and bibliographies by using a reference management system such as Endnote, Mendeley or Zotero. This Managing Your References guide will help you decide what is best for you, with links to training, guides, and tips.

Help with Referencing

Referencing (and citing) refers to the method by which authors give credit to their sources of research information.

If you are unsure which citation style to use either read your Course Outline, or ask your lecturer or tutor.

Keep up to date with search alerts

What are Search Alerts?

diagram explaining what alerts are

Most research databases allow you to create alerts that will push information to you based on a search you've set up previously. This could be a search for:

  • relevant terms/keywords
  • an author name 
  • a journal specialising in your research area.

When are search alerts most useful?

Search alerts are particularly useful for those undertaking long-term research, such as a Masters or PhD thesis, and this is because the research process involves many activities (e.g. field work and data analysis) that can prevent you from keeping up-to-date with the research being published around your topic.  


Avoiding academic misconduct

These resources will help you understand what academic misconduct is and how to avoid it.