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Scottish Studies: Theses & More

Research Repositories

A research repository is a place to store an instututions intellectual research outputs. Try searching the sites listed below to find more research:

Theses & Dissertations

Thesis Information

Research Institutions - Scottish Studies

Map Scotland

Scotland, southern sheet, by Keith Johnston, F.R.S.E. Engraved & printed by W. & A.K. Johnston, Edinburgh. William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh & London, (1861)

Conference Papers

Conferences papers are the papers presented by researchers at a conference. They are an excellent source of current research, best practices and new innovations in a research area. 

Conference papers are not always formally published, so they can be difficult to get hold of.  However, there are a number of ways to find conference papers:

Library Catalogue - Sometimes the best papers are published in a book. To find these in the library catalogue, try combining your search terms with words like conference, proceedings, congresses, symposium.

Conference Website - A very good place to start looking for a conference paper is the conference website. 

If you can't find a website for the conference, try the organising body's website.

      Google Scholar - Try using the "Advanced Search" option to combine your search terms with words like conference, proceedings, congresses, symposium.

      Research Repository - Researchers will often deposit a copy of their conference paper in their institutional research repository.

      Author's Website - Researchers will often post links to conference papers on their own personal website, or on their research institution's website. 

      Contact Author - Looking for a specific paper? Try 'Googling' the author to find their current contact details, them email them asking for a copy of the

      Get It Interloan Service - If you have a citation for a conference paper, but could not find a copy using any of the methods described above, you can create a request through our Get It Interloan service for the conference paper and we will try to get you a copy.  

       Get It Interloan Service