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Hākena Search Help: Simple Search

How to find archives and manuscripts, ephemera, pictures and photographs at the Hocken Collections

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Simple Search using:

Simple searching

Enter your keyword term(s) in the Simple search box on the home screen, then click Enter or  Search to view results.

A search with more than one keyword locates records that include all the terms.


Results will include materials from the Archives and Manuscripts, Ephemera, Photographs and Pictures collections.


See the Search results page to find out more about working with your results.

Use Advanced Search  for more search options.

Use Browse to explore Collection themes, Popular topics and Featured items.

Wildcard searches

Use a wildcard or truncation symbol (* or @) to find alternative word endings

      e.g. queen* or queen@ will find Queen’s, Queensberry, Queensland, Queenstown...

Wildcard symbols do not work on the front of a search term

      e.g. @een will not return any results

Wildcard symbols do not work in the middle of a search term

      e.g. wom*n will not return any results