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This guide presents key resources for staff and students' research

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Looking for Academic Literature?

Below are the four best places to start searching for academic literature on your topic.  Explore the tabs along the top for even more options.

New Database

 Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand Recollect Archive.

"Our collections tell the story of the Presbyterian Church in Aotearoa New Zealand. It’s the story of a diverse range of people; Scottish settlers and Māori, missionaries and ministers, the families of Chinese gold miners and new New Zealanders from the Pacific and beyond. It’s a story of women and of young people and communities"


Watch this video to see how easy it is to browse the library shelves and view the books available in your topic area. Start with the title of a book you know, or search on a subject keyword and choose a book that looks on-topic...then proceed to the virtual bookshelf as shown


The basics of using ATLA

Use ATLA to find high-quality journal articles from the world's major theological and religious publications, plus books, essays and chapters.

Turn on sound as this is narrated. Use the stop/start options if you want to spend more time on specific parts. The four arrows (bottom right) will allow full-screen, and the Settings cog lets you choose internet speed if you have a slow connection.


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New Theology & Religion Books

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