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Library Search | Ketu

Searching Ketu

Depending on the complexity of your search, there are basic and advanced search options.

  • The default search in Ketu is a basic search, a single search bar to enter your search terms.
  • Search everything or limit your search to the Library catalogue (to exclude e-journal articles) by using the drop-down list at the right hand side of the search bar.
  • There are tips for how to search in the grey boxes below the search bar.
    Ketu - Basic search
  • If you start a search in Simple search but decide you want to use Advanced search instead, when you click the Advanced search button, it will automatically carry over the terms you have typed in and any options you had selected.
  1. To move to Advanced search, click on Advanced search to the right of the search bar.
    Ketu - Advanced search
  2. You will then see a more complex set of options:
    Ketu - Advanced search options
  3. You can add as many lines as you require, up to a maximum of seven, by clicking on + Add a new line.
    Ketu - Search add new line
  4. When you have finished creating your search strategy, click on the Search button.