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Searching Scopus

Beginning Your Search

Example search topic: What is the risk of stroke after spinal manipulation?

Compile your search strategy

Check out the Search Tips guide to learn more about compiling complex search strategies.
The Search Tips guide can...

  1. help you to identify the main concepts of your search topic:
    Scopus does not use subject headings, so you have to think of alternative terms/synonyms, etc.
    cerebral infarct*
    cerebrovascular accident*
    spinal manipulat*
    neck manipulat*
  2. help you to combine search terms using OR and AND correctly:



    OR – broadens your search, as any of the terms may be present in each result.

    • risk* OR safety
    • stroke* OR “cerebrovascular accident*”
    • “spinal manipulation” OR “neck manipulation” OR chiropract*


    AND – narrows your search, as all terms must be present in each result.

    • risk* AND stroke AND “spinal manipulation”


Enter your search terms

Enter your search terms into the search box, and click the button when ready:

  • Use a new line for each concept.
  • Click the + Add search field button to add a new line to the search.
Scopus search example