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Searching Scopus

Saving your Search

Create a personal account to save searches, results, and alerts.

Set up a personal account in Scopus

Set up a personal account if you want to save searches, set alerts, or save lists of results.
Click Create account in the top right corner of Scopus, and follow the prompts to create your Scopus (Elsevier) account.

Register with Scopus
If you already have a Mendeley account, then just use your Mendeley details to log in to Scopus.

Save a search in Scopus

Once you are happy with a search strategy you have created, you can use the icons in the header area of the results page to:

  1. Save the search.
  2. Set search alert if you want to be kept up to date with new results on your topic (check first that you are happy with the relevance of the results).

To access what you have saved into your
personal account, click on your profile in
the top right corner of the screen.

Scopus profile

To re-run a saved search

  1. Click on Saved searches.
    Scopus profile - Saved Searches
  2. Click on the name of the search you wish to run.
    Scopus- Run saved search
  3. To only see the new results since you last ran the search, click on the reload icon.
    Scopus- Run saved search