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Searching Scopus

My List

Use the My List option to gather results

If you are doing multiple searches, you can create a separate list of the most relevant articles as you look through the results of each search.

Select the references you want and click Save to List. To create a list you must first sign in using the Sign In icon at the top of the page. Or if you do not already have an individual Scopus account - click on the Create Account icon at the top of the page.


  • The list you create will be retained permanently only if you are logged in to your own personal account.

If you are following citation trails back in time using reference lists, you cannot directly add references to the list.
If you are looking through a reference list search, right-click on any article of interest to open a fuller record of it in a new tab, then click the Add to List icon from there.

Add to list icon

Retrieve your list by clicking Lists on the top menu bar. The usual options for printing, emailing, exporting are available from the list.

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