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Education: Databases and journals

This guide brings together important resources for studies in Education and Teaching. These resources include book collections, online article databases & journals, major reference works, and more.

Education websites

Education databases - big collections of online resources

Library databases are collections of reputable online resources ( academic journals and magazines, newspapers, e-books, images and videos. Some databases are subject specific (e.g. Education Research Complete) and some are multidisciplinary (e.g. ProQuest Central). The following list of databases, are useful for studies in the field of education.

Limit a Google Search to a Specific Domain

Searching within selected domains is a useful way to limit your online searching to websites you trust.  In Google, enter site:. and then the domain immediately after.

Link to an article with more information about searching within a domain and here are some NZ examples.

Domain Description commercial NZ websites including NZ news sites NZ educational websites
edu  Educational in (some) other countries NZ government websites
.gov Government websites in (some) other countries NZ organisation sites (e.g. nonprofit websites, advocacy group websites)

Search multiple domains
Add as many domain searches as you like and enter OR in caps between each one. For example, this search would retrieve results with the word disinformation (or similar) from NZ organisation, government and company/corporation websites.

disinformation OR OR

Video databases and websites

Children and Childhood in History

E-book databases

Education journals (peer reviewed) available online

These are just a tiny selection of the peer reviewed (aka scholarly, academic or refereed) education journals available to you online and many more are available from the database collections listed in the box on the left.

Not sure what 'peer reviewed' journals are? Check out this short video (2:32mins)