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Education: Education Libraries & Services

This guide brings together important resources for studies in Education and Teaching. These resources include book collections, online article databases & journals, major reference works, and more.

The University of Otago's Education Libraries

Robertson Library (Education Library) Southland campus Library  Subject Librarian - Education
photo of the Roberson Library photo of the southland campus library photo of subject librarian education

135 Union St East, Dunedin
Ph: (03) 479 3793
Opening Hours

100 Nelson Street, Invercargill
Ph: (03) 211 6816
Opening hours

Paula Whitelock
Robertson Library (Mon-Fri 8:30-5pm)
Ph: (03) 479 3806

Findings from the NZCER 2019 National survey of English-medium primary schools

The following are just some of the research reports detailing the results of the the NZCER 2019 National survey of English-medium primary schools. Click on the link at the bottom of the list to browse more NZCER research on a variety of education topics.