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Medicine: ClinicalKey


Image of ClinicalKey search box

ClinicalKey is a "clinical insight engine" specifically to help physicians and students find the most relevant clinical answers fast. 

Access ClinicalKey here. Find more information here. If you want to download content e.g. as a PDF or for a presentation, you need to log in - registration is free. The registration link is on the top right side of the screen.

Using a proprietary search taxonomy called EMMeT (Elsevier Merged Medical Taxonomy), ClinicalKey understands search terms that conventional clinical search engines can't. The result is fast, relevant answers that reduce search time and create more time for patient care.


About ClinicalKey

This resource Includes over 1200 medical texts, articles from more than 600 journals (including The Clinics of North America), videos, practice guidelines, drug information, patient education handouts, and daily medical updates customized by specialty.

Included also is First Consult, a clinical information system designed for use at the point-of-care.

Resources for ClinicalKey

There are some useful CK resources at the links below.

Comprehensive User Guide (PDF)

Quick Reference card (PDF)

Clinical Overviews

ClinicalKey has recently added several hundred Clinical Overviews. These provide easy-to-scan, actionable information for clinicians on diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, screening, and prevention of diseases and conditions.New Clinical Overviews will be added to ClinicalKey as they are finalized. Over time, Clinical Overviews will replace First Consult on ClinicalKey.

ClinicalKey ebooks (sample)

Below is a selection of the more than 1100 titles that the Library provides electronically from ClinicalKey. To see the full list, go to from any University-registered computer and click on the Books link at the top of the page.