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Irish Studies: More Research

Research Repositories

A research repository is a place to store an instututions intellectual research outputs. Try searching these sites to find more research:

Theses & Dissertations

Thesis Information

Keep Up to Date with the Latest Research

RSS feeds help you keep up to date with information from websites and databases without you having to visit them.

Updates to your favourite websites are 'fed' to you through a feed reader. 

RSS feeds consist of titles and short summaries of the full content on the website, so you can quickly assess whether or not to visit the website to view the full content.

To use feeds you will need to set up a feed reader such as Netvibes.

Conference Papers

Conferences papers are the papers presented by researchers at a conference. They are an excellent source of current research, best practices and new innovations in a research area. 

Conference papers are not always formally published, so they can be difficult to get hold of.  However, there are a number of ways to find conference papers:

Library Catalogue - Sometimes the best papers from a conference are published in a book. To find these in the library catalogue, try combining your search terms with words like conference, proceedings, congresses, symposium.

Conference Website - A very good place to start looking for a conference paper is the conference website:

If you can't find a website for the conference, try the organising body's website:

      Google Scholar - Try using the "Advanced Search" option to combine your search terms with words like conference, proceedings, congresses, symposium.

      Research Repository - Researchers will often deposit a copy of their conference paper in their institutional research repository.

      Author's Website - Researchers will often post links to conference papers on their own personal website, or on their research institution's website. 

      Contact Author - Looking for a specific paper? Try 'Googling' the author to find their current contact details, them email them asking for a copy of the paper.

      Get It Interloan Service - If you have a citation for a conference paper, but could not find a copy using any of the methods described above, you can create a request through our Get It Interloan service for the conference paper and we will try to get you a copy.  

       Get It Interloan Service