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These are the latest new Irish Studies books on display in the Recent Arrivals area:

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Scholarly Favourites

Who uses Special Collections? And why? And what research results emanate from physically examining books and manuscripts? These questions formed the basis of the forthcoming exhibition, beginning on 10 June 2016, at the de Beer Gallery, Special Collections, University of Otago. The exhibition, entitled Scholarly Favourites. Researching in Special Collections, reveals a variety of readers, and an equally wide variety of books and manuscripts used. In most cases the item was used for research; in others the item was a pure favourite, a work that resonated with the reader's sense of being. The book or manuscript had become important to them.

A Letterpress Legacy: The Dartmouth College Book Arts Workshop

In 2015, Dartmouth College celebrated the Workshop's 25th Anniversary with an exhibition entitled: 'The Secret Revealed. The Books Arts Workshop at 25 Years'. This exhibition showcased a selection of print and book arts materials produced by students and staff at Dartmouth over the years. To celebrate the University of Otago's association with Dartmouth College through the Matariki Network*, this exhibition highlights a small selection of materials borrowed from Dartmouth's Books Arts Workshop and Rauner Special Collections Library.

Keeping it in the Family: British and Irish Literary Generations, 1770-1930

Keeping it in the Family. British and Irish Literary Generations, 1770-1930 considers the family as an essential, if often overlooked, element of creative production. It presents the stories of talented families working (and sometimes quarrelling) together in creating some of the most remarkable literary, artistic, and scientific works of the long 19th century. Many of the families, like the Wordsworths and the Brontës, are well known; others, like the Hunts and Porters, were famous in the past, but deserve a new look. In some cases, the family connections are surprising.

Marsden Online Archive now Available!

LIBR101 Workshops | Book Now!

LIBRARY 101 workshops are designed to introduce students to the Library at Otago. Learn how to navigate our libraries, and sharpen your research and referencing skills!

Book now at the links below:

LIBR101: Navigating the Library [Tuesday 25th July, 11am]
Get an introduction to the Library and our services.

LIBR102: Search Skills: Library Search | Ketu and Databases [Tuesday 8th August, 11am]
Learn how to search effectively using Library Search | Ketu and library databases.

LIBR103: Referencing Skills
Learn why referencing matters and how to do it correctly, using APA as our example style.

If you are interested but cannot attend at the given time, just register and you'll receive a video recording of the session afterwards. We look forward to seeing you!


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