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This Subject Guide brings together important research resources for Gender Studies. These include article databases & journals, major reference works, and other key sources.

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Looking for Academic Literature?

Below are the four best places to start searching for academic literature on your topic.  Explore the navigation bar for even more options.

Feature Resource: Sage Research Methods

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New Gender Studies Books


New Journal: International Journal for Intersectional Feminist Studies

The International Journal for Intersectional Feminist Studies (IJFIFS) is a half-yearly peer-reviewed academic journal produced by the Project Monma research centre. It aims to publish research, reports, and literature reviews relating to intersectional feminist theory and/or relevant to issues of gender broadly (the way that gender is represented, codified, consumed, or challenged within certain contexts, for example). IJFIFS is designed to be an interdisciplinary journal, and it encourages young scholars and students within all relevant disciplines to submit their work for publication.