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Marketing: NZ Marketing

NZ - Government information

Sources of government information include:

NZ - Statistics

Sources of New Zealand marketing statistics include:

Trade mark checking tool


Word or slogan check

This option lets you enter a word or slogan that is between 3 and 50 characters in length. Trade Mark Check will then search for any trade marks on the register that resemble the word or slogan you have entered.

Logo or image check

This option lets you upload an image from your computer or mobile device. The artificial intelligence built into Trade Mark Check will then suggest image features to help search against logo or image trade marks on the register.


Hocken Collections

Hocken Collections has a strength in New Zealand material including business related information.

For help locating information held at the Hocken try:

Marketing campaigns & brands

Search Library Search | Ketu, Article Databases and the internet for information about New Zealand marketing campaigns and brands.

For example: