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Archaeology: Māori Archaeology

Māori & Indigenous Archaeology

Image by Nick Thompson. cc. 

Māori Archaeology 

Māori Research

Image: Archives NZ - Māori Land Court Minute Books 

Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori Subject Headings)

Māori Data 

  • Te Whata

    Te Whata is a data platform tailored specifically by iwi for iwi.  Te Whata is for iwi members, technicians and leaders – designers and users of data. We want to be able to tell our own narratives according to our own priorities and world views. Te Whata has been designed with this in mind.

  • Te Mana Raraunga

    Our data, our sovereignty, our future. This vision drove the establishment of Te Mana Raraunga as the Māori Data Sovereignty Network. We advocate for Māori rights and interests in data to be protected as the world moves into an increasingly open data environment.

Māori Kupu - Atlas

Atlas of plant material and fibres from New Zealand and the Pacific (from the Otago University archaeology programme) 


  • coconut (Cocos nucifera L.)
  • harakeke (New Zealand flax, swamp flax, Phormium tenax J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.)
  • houhere (lacebark, Hoheria populnea A.Cunn.)
  • kāretu (Hierochloe redolens (Vahl) Roem. et Schult.)
  • kiekie (Freycinetia baueriana Endl.)
  • kuta (bamboo spike sedge, Eleocharis sphacelata R.Br.)
  • neinei (Dracophyllum elegantissimum S.Venter) (mountain neinei, pineapple tree, Dracophyllum traversii Hook.f.)
  • nīkau (Rhopalostylis sapida H.Wendl. & Drude)
  • pandanus (screw pine, Pandanus L.f.)
  • kāpūngāwhā (lake clubrush, Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani (C.C.Gmel) Palla)
  • pīngao (golden sand sedge, Desmoschoenus spiralis (A.Rich.) Hook.f.)
  • raupō (bulrush, Typha orientalis C.Presl)
  • tikumu (silvery cotton plant, Celmisia semicordata Petrie)
  • tī kōuka (cabbage tree, Cordyline australis (Forst.f.) Endl.)
  • tī ngahere (forest cabbage tree, Cordyline banksii Hook.f.)
  • tōī (mountain cabbage tree, Cordyline indivisa (Forst.f.) Steud.)
  • wharariki (New Zealand flax, mountain flax, Phormium cookianum Le Jol.)
  •  (silver tussock, Poa cita Edgar )

Kāi Tahu Papatipu Rūnaka

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Māori Dictionaries

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Social Media

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Māori Font

  Te Reo at Otago 

Macrons - be consistent 

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Taonga / Taoka  - Treasure  (North & South Island dialects) 


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Aotearoa's Archaeological Past

Te Reo Place Names 

  The NZAA ArchSite 

  • Each red dot represents an archaeological site labelled using the Te Reo place name or a site associated with Māori but with the respective English name.
  • Have a go and zoom around to areas you know and love!

Compiled by Simon Bickler, Benjamin Jones, and Patricia Pillay (2021) 

  Ngāi Tahu Kareao (Archives) 

Koiwi Tangata

Collection of Koiwi Tangata Policies

  National Repatriation Policy for Kōiwi Tangata Policy and Associated Burial Taonga within Aotearoa.  

Museums Aotearoa. (2021) [eBook]

  Kōiwi Tangata - Human Remains.  New Zealand Historic Places Trust. (2009) 

Indigenous Rock Art

Rock Art Sites & NZ Legislation