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Law subject guide: Home

Find and cite the law using this portal to legal research at the University of Otago.

Use the tabs to find sources for specific jurisdictions, or for more detail about the legal databases provided.

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eBooks Offer from LexisNexis

LexisRed offers students FREE ebooks for iPad or Tablet: a digital offline solution.

See the Law Librarian for details.


Lexis Advance : NZ and USA / International

All Lexis content is now on the new platform Lexis Advance 

Lexis Advance has the same content as LexisNexisNZ and - it just looks very different - and behaves differently too.

You will have to login with your University credentials.

Law Librarian


Kate Thompson

Sir Robert Stout Law Library

8th Floor, Richardson Building

University of Otago


"Law Librarians Explained"

Tips for using the Law Subject Guide

Use the tabs to find legal literature by type or jurisdiction. Most of these pages are about sources - they are annotated lists of indexes and full-text databases, print sources and other useful things. My aim is to guide you through your options, much as I talk you through them in a class, or if you come to see me.

Use the Quicklinks as shortcuts to popular databases. The quicklinks are context-sensitive, and vary from page to page.

Use the Research Strategies tab to find out more about legal literature as a system - helpful if you want to know where to start, or what to do next. It includes mindmaps, and instructional videos.

Just ask! If you have any questions about finding or using legal research materials in this guide or beyond, please contact the Law Librarian.