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Law subject guide: Home

Welcome to the Law Subject Guide

Key sources are listed below for quick access.  Use the Tabs on the left to explore sources, jurisdictions, and more.

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Legal Abbreviations

Exhibit A : Sheep's Clothing. A Barrister's Wig Made from Harakeke

WestlawNZ Login Tips 2024

WestlawNZ have made some changes to how you log in. 

When you click on WestlawNZ, you will be asked to sign in to the University tuakiri system, using your email and password, and a second factor - usually a txt number.

You may also need to accept an information release that looks like this. Check the second option to minimise seeing this message again.

Then have your screen optimised to the size they want. Click Continue.

A login screen will appear. DO NOT USE THE ONEPASS login.

Choose the New Zealand Academic Institutional login.

If  the Otago option does not appear automatically, select it from the drop-down.

Once you click Continue, you should be in. It should 'stick' for up to 6 hours.

Please contact the Law Librarian if you have any questions.