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Law subject guide: Other jurisdictions

Quicklinks: foreign and comparative law

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Constitutions around the world

Other jurisdictions: foreign and comparative law

This page is for material from other (foreign) jurisdictions, including legislation, case law, law commission material. It also includes comparative law.

We're still working on updating the content but in the meantime, here is what we had on the old (2010) subject guide. Right-click to open these links in a new tab or window.

Foreign and Comparative Law

access Globalex - Up-to-date expert guides to researching the laws of many countries with links to key sites  
access Worldlii: World Legal Information Institute - Directory of free legal Web sites, with a search engine for searching their contents. Useful for tracing sites for specific countries.  
  • AsianLII (Asian Legal Information Institute) - Case law, legislation and other full text material from over 20 countries
  • The Indian Law Institute -  (Asia) - includes the Journal of the Indian Law Institute, Index to Indian Legal Periodicals, Commissions and Committees
  • Comparative Law Guide to Research (10K in PDF format) - A guide developed by the Law Library to assist in your research of Comparative Law.
  • Droit francophone - A new Legal Information Institute, providing legal resources from all French-speaking jurisdictions
  • Electronic Journal of Comparative Law - Free subscription provides email details of new issues.
  • GlobalCourts - Worldwide guide to web sites holding decisions from 'Supreme' courts (the highest court of a jurisdiction).
  • Finding Foreign Law Online - Lyonette Louis-Jacques' wide-ranging guide to potentially useful gateways and sources. (Some are subscription-only sites).
  • German Law Archive -Selected legislation, cases, articles and bibliographies in English, with annotated links to German law sites.
  • Guide to Law Online - Annotated hypertext guide to free online sources of information worldwide on government and law. It links only to the most useful and reliable sites for legal information. Prepared by the U.S. Law Library of Congress.
  • Heiros Gamos -Massive international listing of legal subjects, with source materials sub-arranged by country.
  • HKLII (Hong Kong Legal Information Institute) - Searchable, mostly full text, database of current Hong Kong legislation, treaties and many court decisions, with some material dating back to 1982.
  • Institute of Global Law - German and French decisions, translated into English, courtesy University College, London and the University of Texas
  • Legifrance - Government site providing extensive, searchable collections of French legislation, codes and case law, including some validated English translations of codes and important laws.
  • - up-to-date expert guides to researching the laws of many foreign jurisdictions plus links to key sites
  • Martindale-Hubbell Law Digests on Lexis - Summaries of the law of many jurisdictions. (Under the 'Legal' tab, choose the 'Reference' folder, then follow the path to Martindale-Hubbell/ Law Digests)
  • World Law - Directory and database of Web sites concerning law coupled with a search engine for searching the content of those sites.


Law Reform

  • Law Reform Commission Links - Links to Australian and other overseas law reform agency sites; most provide full text reports
  • Law Reform Database - Database of information about some 7,000 Law Reform Commission publications from the Commonwealth and the USA. Includes links to full text of many of the indexed documents. Includes some information about the implementation of report recommendations. Is a good source of historical material.
  • WorldLii Law Reform Project - The project aims to make searchable from one location all of the databases specialising in Law Reform available on any of the Legal Information Institutes (LIIs) that are part of WorldLII. The databases currently included are the law commissions of Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, and England.