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Law subject guide: International

Quicklinks for international law

Books on international law

Textbooks and encyclopedias give you an overview of the topic, and give you specific references to useful material: treaties, conventions, cases, texts or articles.

Look in the Books and articles section of this guide for tips on finding books and articles.

Here are some  international law books. There are many more.

International law: getting started

Public international law is the law between states. For the law of other countries, look in the Find by jurisdiction section of this guide.

You might be looking for a treaty or convention; or for a case from a court or tribunal. You might be wanting to see how international law is integrated into domestic law.

Start with a secondary source, like a textbook, unless you already know exactly what you are looking for. A textbook will give you an overview of the topic. You will also get your first research clues: specific references to treaties, cases, other texts and articles.

This page offers a small selection of good starting points for researching and locating international law material. If you don't find what you want, just ask, at the Law Library.

Research guides for international law

Here are some of the best guides we've found - informative, accurate, up-to-date and relatively easy to use.

International Legal Materials : ILM

The key publication for decisions, treaties, agreements, letters and other forms of international law is International Legal Materials.

Original facsimiles are held in the Law Library 6th floor at KC10.I5 up to 2010. 

Online access is available via numerous providers, but for up to date access, Cambridge Journals (full collection) is the best option.